CNC Routing Service

A CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Router is a device used for cutting hard materials including aluminum, steel, foams and woods. This cutting machine is controlled by computers that helps it do many carpentry tasks. A CNC Router can automate the cutting task and make it precise without any error. So CNC Routing services are mainly based on automation of the tasks in a precise way. Ezi Sign and Printers is a professional CNC Routing service company located on Main North Road Blair Athol so you can trust us for any CNC Routing need you have.

CNC Routing Service at Ezi Sign and Printers

Our CNC Routing Service

Ezi Sign and Printers located on Main North Road Blair Athol takes care of CNC Routing jobs from both industrial and residential clients. Our modern and state of the art CNC Routers allows us to easily deal with high production jobs in high quality and also take care of any custom work. We offer our CNC Routing services at a reasonable and affordable price that our customers can afford, plus a guaratee for the work done.

The high speed and performance of our CNC Routing service allows our clients to save time and expenditure. We spend a considerable amount of time to understand your project and your needs, check the work you have done and give you proper suggestion about the design and layout of the CNC work. We work closely with you and we make sure you are fully satisfied with our service. So the reasonable and affordable prices, high quality of work, and personalized service are the factors that make our CNC Routing service unique and favorable for our customers.

More about our CNC Routers

Ezi Sign & Printers owns a Tekcel GFX CNC Router that is powered by a 5.5kw versatile HSD spindle motors. The framework of this router is made of heavy demands, precision-machined and welded with dual cross members that gives the machine high reliability and work performance. It is driven by a digital Servo/Ball-screw system and is enriched by accurate auto tool length sensing. This heavy-duty CNC Router is able to meet the high demands and needs of the CNC Routing market.

Tekcel GFX CNC Router is able to switch its mode among three modes of routing, beveling or folding. It gives the operator the ability to switch knife types just by the press of a button and change among oscillating knife-cutting, tangential knife-cutting and steered wheel cutting. These routers have a very high and rock solid precision and reliability that makes them suitable for work under heavy duty. You can have your CNC Routing job done at Ezi Sign & Printers with quality and at an affordable price.

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