Trotec SP3000 at Ezi Sign and Printers in Adelaide

Trotec SP3000 Large Format Laser Cutter for laser cutting services across Australia

Trotec SP3000 Laser Cutting Machine is a large format industrial laser cutter designed for high volume and high-speed cutting applications. It has been designed and built by considering the requirements of signage and digital printing industry. With outstanding built-in safety features for the operator, it enables the production of high-quality laser cuts at a fast speed.

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The design of SP series has been done according to needs of signage and printing industries. When working area is easily accessible and beam path is fully enclosed, safety of operator is increased. In addition, the productivity is high without affecting the quality by using the Sonar Technology™ auto-focusing.

SP Laser Cutting Machines

The SP Series of Troetc, which are developed and manufactured in Austria, are able to handle high demand cutting application due to their efficiency. They have a flatbed CO2 laser cutter that has ability to cut plastic, textiles, woods and so forth. SP Series include different models with different power options. These models can provide high quality results at the fastest possible speed. Its body has a V-shape that access to working area is easier with more efficient loading and unloading of materials.

Laser cut inlay acrylic with Mirror Acrylic, Frost pink, Gold and yellow makes perfect piece of art for displays.
With laser you can make unique reception signs. We made this Standoff acrylic reception sign for unique laser clinic at dimensions of 1200x700
Laser cut inlay acrylic with Mirror Acrylic, Frost pink, Gold and yellow makes perfect piece of art for displays.
Laser cutting paper is supper easy and fast with Trotec SP3000. We cut invitations and greeting cards, cardboard cut outs for packaging and model making.

Benefits of the SP Laser Cutters

Quality of cutting is high

The SP Series uses a multi-functional table concept that allows choosing or replacing any application quickly and easily. This concept gives uniqueness and effectiveness to this series of laser cutters. In addition, SP Series have their exhaust system sitting directly on the working head. Indeed, it is a sectioned exhaust system that resides at the processing table that enables outstanding quality of cut for these series of laser machines.

Device is reliable that allows productive work

The design of Trotec CO2 laser cutters allows them process large format materials with fast speed and high precision. Components of SP series match perfectly and have high quality resulting in longer lifetime for the laser. The speed of cutting is high, access is from four sides, there is Tandom Assist that results in achievement of high quality all the times. In addition, the high RIP and CAD compatibility allows outstanding integration of laser cutter in workflow.

When quality is high, maintenace is low

Highest quality and best performance are achieved by the movement system, design of drive and also the patented CeramiCore® laser source. Using the Trotec InPack Technology™, the sensitive components of laser cutter such as motors, mirrors and lenses are protected against dust. The protection of operator, while this laser class 2 device is in action, is also ensured by the Trotec safety concept.

Laser cut inlay acrylic with Mirror Acrylic, Frost pink, Gold and yellow makes perfect piece of art for displays.
Laser cut inlay acrylic with Mirror Acrylic, Frost pink, Gold and yellow makes perfect piece of art for displays done by Ezi Sign and Printers.
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Features of the SP Laser Cutters

Tandem assist

It is a JobControl® function in the laser software that lets the splitting of work area into two zones. Therefore, the operator can remove the finished materials from and load new materials into zone B while the laser cutting works on processing materials in zone A. This feature both increases the productivity of work and reduces the idle time of the operator.

Four sides access of the working area

The laser cutting system at SP2000 and SP3000 is easily accessible from all four sides. This feature enables them to be used when materials are in large format and volume of production is high. As a result, materials can be quickly loaded and unloaded even when the processing of materials is in progress.

Trotec safety system

When using Trotec SP series, there is no need to have any special laser training for the staff or have structural measures for protection against laser. SP Series have outstanding built-in protection for the operator. These series use laser class 2, and the laser beam as well as its working path is entirely covered. The exit of laser beam from working head is via an active laser deflector shield.

The machine has a protection zone with a light curtain system that is moving as well as safety bumpers on the moving x-axis. These protection system has an outstanding qualiy. As a result, if an operator gets into the protection zone, the machine is promptly stopped. However, it is possible to access the working area while cutting is in progress.

Working head with active laser deflector shield at Trotec SP3000 Laser Cutting Machine
Working head with active laser deflector shield at Trotec SP3000 Laser Cutting Machine

CeramiCore® laser source technology

A new line of CO2 laser sources from Iradion Laser, Inc, a manufacturer in the U.S., is included in Trotec laser machines. This patented laser source makes the machine more reliable, enhances the quality and increases the lifespan of the laser cutter. The body of representor that laser radiation is produced is made from Ceramic. The laser sources that are made from Ceramic have higher performance that the ones made from metal or glass.

JobControl® Laser Software

It is simple and easy to control the Trotec laser machine and easily fine-tune the process of laser cutting using the JobControl® laser software. The software is user-friendly that make it easy to work with every single function of the laser machine. In addition, the operator can use their own graphic program like CorelDraw, Photoshop, AutoCAD or Adobe Illustrator to easily send their work to the laser machine using the printer driver.

Longer service life, less maintenance

There is Trotec lasers feature InPack Technology™ inside SP series to protect sensitive components of machine such as axis, laser head, optics and lenses from both dirt and dust. This design is patented and makes sure of the protection of guide components. Therefore, the machine can work for years without trouble even under heavy workload. As a result, productivity is increase while running costs are lower.

When the nature of cutting some materials, like rubber or wood, is generating high amount of dust, the harsh environment kit in Trotec SP3000 series provides much better dust protection. As a result, the motors and electronics of laser are dirt free. There are also some additional brushes on the Z-axis of the cutting machine that hugely reduce the amount of cleaning necessary. Consequently, the lifetime of the machine is increased and the effort to clean the machine is minimized.

InPack Technology™ is a unique feature built into the Trotec SP 3000 laser cutting machine that protects sensitive components of the machine. These components included the laser head, the axis as well as laser optics and lenses.

Working head with active laser deflector shield at Trotec SP3000 Laser Cutting Machine
Working head with active laser deflector shield at Trotec SP3000 Laser Cutting Machine

JobControl® Vision Software

The position and rotation of material on the working area of the machine is determined by the vision module of the laser cutting machine. The intelligent JobControl® Vision camera can detect any linear or non-linear distortion of sheet materials. Then, the system uses complex mathematical algorithms to compensate the detected distortion. It then adjusts the path of laser cutting process to match the design of artwork.


In summary, the Trotec SP series of laser cutting machines are built while keeping in mind the needs of signage and printing industries. The laser beam path is completely closed that increases safety of the operation and also the work area of laser machine is kept safe. With sophisticated technologies used in this laser cutting machine such as automatic focus with Sonar Technology, etc. the laser cutting process is in high quality and extremely productive.

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