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Vehicle Wrap Services in Adelaide

You can wrap a colorful, custom-design and cost-effective layer of vinyl on your vehicle and advertise your business and brand to viewers every time you are out on the road. We produce wraps for vehicles of all sizes including trucks, vans, buses, utes, SUVs, sedans, and so on. These wraps are long-lasting as well, giving value to every dollar that is spent on them.

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What is a vehicle wrap

Vehicle wrap is the process of replacing all or parts of the vehicle’s original paint with a custom-designed print of a vinyl wrap. Usually, a colorful digital printing of adhesive vinyl is applied to the exterior of the vehicle. Once this layer is placed, it is cut away over the windows, jams and panel gases. Extra cuts may be necessary to create the desired look and feel. Then, the wrap is fully stuck onto the vehicle’s exterior.

Vehicle Wrap is indeed a marketing practice to change the exterior of vehicles, create a mobile billboard and advertise the business without paying any fees to advertising companies. Wrapping vehicles with custom-designed wraps is a technique usually used by businesses mainly for branding and advertising purposes. The goal has been to either identify a vehicle belongs to a specific company/brand, or advertise services done by business while the car is on the road. Anyway it helps companies to promote their businesses to thousands of daily viewers without paying any fees to the advertising companies.

Vehicle wrap on the van of Gholam Painting by Ezi
Gholam Painting's car wrap

However, the use of vehicle wraps is not limited to companies and business. Recently, a lot of private car owners have applied custom-designed wraps on their vehicles . Individual can use custom designed wraps to give a different look and feel to their vehicles. Perhaps the complete change of color is a reason behind the increase of vehicle wraps among private car owners. Wrapping is cheaper and faster than complete repaint of the car.

Also note that there might be some legality concerns while wrapping vehicles. You need to check with your local legislative bodies to know whether mobile billboards are allowed, what type of them are legalized and under what conditions.

SA Painting had its vehicle wrapped to promote their business
SA Painting had its vehicle wrapped to promote their business
Wrapping a commercial vehicle
Wrapping a commercial vehicle by Ezi Sign and Printers

Before applying the wrap on the vehicle, it is important to have the exterior of the car clean from any dust, oil, wax, or other dirt. A car wash before applying the wrap is highly recommended. However, in vehicle wrap services at Ezi Sign and Printers, it is not mandatory for our customers to wash their vehicles before applying wrap since we will do a complete wash of the wrap areas ourselves. If you would like to do a car wash before bringing your car to us, wash it just with soap and water but not any other material.

At most times, the vehicle wrap does not cause damage to the vehicle’s original paint. However, you need to know that the removal of wrap from your car will also remove any existing chipping paints on the vehicle as well.

About the longevity of vehicle wraps, they usually stay from one to five years depending on the quality of wraps used. Cheaper wraps stay for a one to two years, however, the high-quality ones can stay for five or more years. However, with Vehicle Wrap services at Ezi Sign and Printers, we use wraps built from premium materials that can last from five to seven years depending on whether they are implemented vertical or horizontal.

Vehicle wraps can be implemented horizontally or vertical. The horizontal ones are usually applied on the car’s roof or hoods. Horizontal wraps usually last from one to five years depending on amount of exposure to direct sunlight or rain. The vertical wraps are applied to other parts of vehicle such as doors, bumpers, and/or rear of the car. The vertical wraps will last longer than horizontal ones usually up to five to seven years.

Vehicle wrap for Gholam Painting
Vehicle wrap for Gholam Painting


We are located in Blair Athol, SA, however, out vehicle wrap services in Adelaide is not limited only to Adelaide and its region, but we accept customers across all over the South Australia or even other Australian states.


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