Vehicle wraps are a colourful, exciting and cost-effective way of getting you and your business name in front of potential customers every time you are out and about on the road. We specialise in producing wraps for cars and vehicles of all sizes. This includes SUVs, food trucks, vans, buses, minibuses, utes, tray tops and trucks.

A vehicle wrap involves digital printing of your design onto adhesive vinyl, which is then applied to your vehicle. The advantage of a car wrap is that your designs are able to be reproduced precisely so you have great flexibility when it comes to colours and branding. Our vehicle wraps are also long lasting, so you get great value for your advertising dollar.

Laser Cutting


Designing a vehicle wrap

All of our wraps are individually designed to fit your specific vehicle, so whether you are looking for a car wrap, a van wrap, or a wrap for a food truck or minibus, we will create a wrap that is tailored to both the dimensions of your vehicle and the specific demands of your graphics and branding. In this way, we ensure that your name is being seen by as many people as possible, and as clearly as possible, whenever and wherever you are driving your vehicle.

Complete car wrap service

At Ezi Sign & Printers, we take care of every step of the process for you. This includes designing wraps specifically to fit the dimensions of your vehicle, the digital printing of your design into adhesive vinyl, and the application of the wrap on to your vehicle. We can create full wraps that cover the entire vehicle, as well as partial wraps that only cover a specific section and our wraps can be applied to vehicles of any shape and size.


Car wrapping is a versatile method of promoting your business or organisation, as wraps can be designed to fit any size or type of vehicle. This means that no matter what sort of vehicle you operate — sedans, hatchbacks, minibuses, panel vans, utes or trucks — Ezi Sign & Printers can make you stand out in Adelaide traffic with high quality, personalised vehicle wraps that are beautifully designed and very cost-effective.


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